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Feasibility Studies

Affinitas provides feasibility studies in the emerging market economies in which we have a core competency and on the ground knowledge.

Affinitas feasibility studies present state of the art, current knowledge delivered against specific project requirements. Our feasibility studies are routinely used to evaluate the financial feasibility of specific commercial projects, whether that being setting up a restaurant or re-export facility, or relocate the headquarters of a company.

We match macroeconomic data, with microeconomic sectorial data, and various demographic and economic factors for each project. We cross reference operational and capital costs with future growth and pay particular attention to the the legal environment in the local market. Whenever applicable time series projections of income and expenses are prepared and discounted to a present worth based on expected requirements of debt and equity.

Financial models are developed to show most probable scenarios and estimate return on invested capital. Our feasibility studies contain the following information and can be further tailored depending on client budget and project requirements:

  • Opinion on feasibility
  • Project overview
  • Macroeconomic environment
  • Market overview
  • Targeted market research
  • Micro market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Legal overview of the project
  • Definition of applicable generic strategy
  • Definition of marketing and sales strategies
  • Definition of project plan and timelines
  • Definition of operational and risk management strategies
  • Financial modeling and cash flow considerations

We have provided feasibility studies to clients globally covering a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to: food & beverage, construction, financial services, legal services, private security, hospitality, healthcare, fashion.

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