Affinitas Consulting Company formation

Company Formation

Affinitas has been specializing in offering business set up services in tax friendly, fast developing geographies which hold a key geopolitical interest for years to come. We at Affinitas always pay close attention to economic development globally. We have therefore selected to develop our presence organically in the areas in which we believe we are going to witness significant economic growth.

Business Setup in United Arab Emirates

Affinitas Consulting Company Formation UAE

Located in the most vibrant logistic, business and tourism hub, with only 5% VAT and OECD white list, UAE remains one of the most attractive jurisdictions to incorporate the company. Shareholders of such entities are eligible to receive a residency visa in UAE.

Onshore companies (Free Zones, UAE mainland):

We can set up business in the United Arab Emirates both inside of the free zones, as well as outside of the free zones (UAE mainland) depending on client needs. We operate seamlessly with a large number of Free Zones across all pertinent emirates and we are able to make the best suggestions depending on client objectives and budget available. Client retain 100% ownership if business is setup in a Free Zone.

We also set up Limited Liabilities Companies in all Emirates mainland using our trusted network of Emirati nationals we routinely work with. We have worked over time to ensure all parties are legally protected across all possible business scenarios.

Both Free Zone companies and mainland LLC shareholder are eligible to receive a UAE residency visas for themselves, family members and employees.

Offshore companies (IBCs):

The UAE is a very stable jurisdiction and a strong and fast developing economy. While G7 countries have put a lot of pressure to low tax jurisdictions to share investor data, the UAE remains on the OECD white list. Affinitas is a registered agent of RAKICC registry ( and provides physical address to the International Business Companies (IBCs). Such companies enjoy the following benefits:

  • 100% income tax exemption
  • 100% corporate tax exemption
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • No Import or Export taxes
  • No Capital gains tax
  • No VAT
  • No Withholding tax
  • It is not obliged to maintain its books and records
  • It may hold shares in other UAE and worldwide companies
  • It may own yachts registered in the UAE.

Main limitation of IBCs as compared to an onshore UAE company are – no ability to carry on business activities within the UAE, as well as no eligibility for a UAE residency visa.

Directorship services
Company stamp
Bank account opening facilitation
Bookkeeping, accounting and audit
Residency visa applications and support
Correspondence and administration

Business Setup in Georgia

Affinitas Consulting Company Formation Georgia

Georgia has come to the forefront of foreign direct investment industry over the past 7 years and have established itself as the freest, easiest place to do business in the Caucasus region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey & Russia).
Georgia is the best country in which to settle a business and from which to reach out to the rest of the Caucasus and Central Asia. We offer company set up services in Tbilisi or elsewhere in Georgia (Batumi & Poti being the most prominent other cities) Limited Liability Companies (LLC) as well as Joint Stock Companies (JSC)depending on client needs.
All clients that we introduce and set up in business Georgia have the option to receive legal domiciliation, legal and accounting support according to their requirements.

Business Setup in Latvia

Affinitas Consulting Company Formation Latvia

Latvia represents the natural gateway of goods between Europe and Russia given its railway link matching Russian standards. Latvian corporate tax stands at a flat 15% and its simplified tax code makes it very easy to maintain a business presence with minimal to no administration costs. Latvia has largest ice free ports in the entire Northern Europe and Baltic Sea, and only 2 hours flight away from all European capitals.
Furthermore investors can find plenty of local talent to rely on in all economic sectors. In fact, Latvia has one of the highest university enrolment rates in the world and any typical Latvian citizen speaks routinely three languages: Latvian, English and Russian.
Affinitas sets up businesses in all Latvian cities with a bias towards Riga, the capital of the country and headquarters of most of the large companies.

Business setup in Malta

Affinitas Consulting Company Formation Malta

Malta enjoys lowest taxation in European Union. Country has also the lowest cost of company formation in EU and wide range of double-taxation treaties. Jurisdictions suits those who desire to establish themselves in the EU. It is also an attractive tourist destination with vibrant real estate market, enabling the EU residency and citizenship.