Affinitas Consulting Who We Are

Who We Are

Our company Affinitas Consulting is a team of emerging market experts. With our 360° care approach we aspire to be the best partner for high net worth individuals (HNI), family offices, SMEs that require advice to execute cross border projects bridging Europe with Emerging Markets and vice versa.

Affinitas Consulting provides highly customized internationalization services for all organizations that are interested in developing a strong and profitable presence in the emerging markets with a special focus on United Arab Emirates, GCC, Caucasus region (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia), Indian subcontinent & Baltic republics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), European Union (Malta).
We help clients step by step: from the initial market study to the implementation of the defined strategy, including the creation of the required legal structures to support their ventures.
Each Affinitas consultant has operated extensively, and successfully, within the emerging market economies and experienced first hand some of the typical challenges that new companies face whenever they approach a new territory: new legal environment, cultural challenges, hidden obstacles, political issues.
The organization has developed a wide business and financial network at the private and governmental level in the following geographical areas: GCC, Caucasus, East Africa, Indian subcontinent and Asia. This network is made available to our clients and greatly facilitates their ability to succeed in the “emerging markets”.

Luca Gorlero has been the driving force behind the creation of Affinitas Consulting. He successfully operated in 3 continents: North America (USA & Canada), Europe and the Middle East. Under his leadership Affinitas Consulting has developed a set of integrated services that are aimed to facilitate the market entry of companies into emerging economies and extended its footprint across the emerging markets with presence in the UAE, Georgia, Latvia & Malta. Luca is an active contributor to few magazines in the Middle East and keeps up with his audience via LinkedIn and his blog:
Luca holds an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and a marketing certificate from UC Berkeley. He also has an Advanced Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering from Thomson Reuters, CISI endorsed.

Anastasia Pakhalkova has been involved with Affinitas Consulting since the day of its creation, providing the research and analyst services to clients. Anastasia has completed her Bachelor degree in Russia and received a qualification of BS of Economics. Initial step in her career has been work for Procter&Gamble, where she completed project on distribution channels optimization. To perfect her business skills, Anastasia has finished her Master’s degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from University of Leicester, UK.
At the moment she is responsible for main Affinitas projects locally in the UAE, and coordinates activities across the Affinitas foreign offices. She is specialized in industry analysis and focuses on major company accounts. Since Affinitas services require to complete due diligence on corporate and individual clients, Anastasia has received an Advanced Certificate in Compliance from Thomson Reuters, CISI endorsed.

Anney Khan is Affinitas Director of Client Services. She is responsible for managing clients, identify needs and oversee the delivery of client projects. She works closely with the Affinitas team from client inception to final delievery.
Prior of joining Affinitas Ms. Khan worked at Noor Bank within the Portfolio Management team. Her duties included revenue generation and cross sales of wealth management and insurance products. Anney was also involved in process re-engineering projects at Citibank and HSBC.
She is as a freelance consultant for Global Bankers Institute (GBI) USA. A consultant at GBI is responsible for managing and implementation of projects for clients of Global Bankers Institute around the world.
Ms. Khan holds a BA in Business Administration and a CISI certification in International Introduction to Securities and Investment.