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Georgia has come to the forefront of foreign direct investment industry over the past 7 years and have established itself as the freest, easiest place to do business in the Caucasus region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey & Russia).
The country has been climbing the rankings of the Economic Freedom Survey year over year ( Affinitas has set up its office in Georgia in 2011 and has been promoting foreign direct investment into the country ever since.
Georgia is the best country in which to settle a business and from which to reach out to the rest of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

We have been able to consult a large number of investors in various industries that have set up business in the country over the past few years and also provide invaluable advice on how to navigate the different economic and sometimes political environments.
We offer company set up services in Tbilisi or elsewhere in Georgia (Batumi & Poti being the most prominent other cities) limited liability companies (LLC) as well as Joint Stock Companies depending on client needs.

All clients that we introduce and set up in business Georgia have the option to receive legal domiciliation and virtual office services. 

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Please inquire with our expert staff to outline your needs and get a free advice on how to best set up your business.

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