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Affinitas has been specialising in offering business set up services in tax friendly, fast developing geographies which hold a key geopolitical interest for years to come.
We at Affinitas always pay close attention to economic development globally. We have therefore selected to develop our presence organically in the areas in which we believe we are going to witness significant economic growth.

The areas that we have so far selected and that match our office presence are: Arabian/Persian Gulf, Caucaus and Baltic Republics. Each of these areas present key peculiarities and advantages for the business people approaching them or operating in it.
All three areas present a no tax or a very low corporate tax burden (0% tax in the United Arab Emirates, 15% corporate tax in Georgia, 15% corporate tax in Latvia) and key strategic geographical positions: Latvia is the gateway between Europe and Russia, Georgia is the corridor connecting Central Asia to the Black Sea & Europe, and Dubai is the largest commercial hub connecting Asia into Europe & Africa.

We are therefore in the unique position to create customised solutions to all clients that require to develop a low tax burden approach to their movement of goods or capital by virtue of creating legal structures in multiple jurisdictions.

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Business Set up

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