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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujeirah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain)
The United Arab Emirates has de facto become the country of reference in the Persian/Arabian Gulf for what variety of industries is concerned: tourism, trading (including re-export), construction, financial markets.
The country has come out stronger from the 2008 crisis and made significant progress in a variety of sectors. Several legal reforms have strengthen its investor protection, especially in real estate and in the financial markets.
Dubai is de facto the trading hub of the emirates thanks to Jebel Ali port which is now the third largest container port in the world. Goods and people can freely move thanks also to its ever expanding Dubai Airport that is now the second busiest airport in the world. More than 66 million passengers used Dubai airports in 2013 (+15% from 2012) and with the opening of the new concourse Athe airport capacity has been increased to 75 M per annum. (Airport fact sheet:

We can set up business in the United Arab Emirates both inside and outside of the free zones depending on client needs.
We operate seamlessly with a large number of Free Zones across all pertinent emirates and we are able to make the best suggestions depending on client objectives and budget available.

    We routinely operate with the following free zone authorities:

We also set up Limited Liabilities Companies in all Emirates using our trusted network of Emirati nationals we routinely work with. We have worked over time to ensure all parties are legally protected across all possible business scenarios.

Please note that depending on the business activity of choice we recommend the best legal structure to achieve the client objectives and adhere to local laws.

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Please inquire with our expert staff to outline your needs and get a free advice on how to best set up your business.

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