Corporate Finance

The Affinitas team focus on providing our client with the following financial services:

  • Corporate financing and investment placing;
  • Cost planning, Tax planning and management;
  • Investment management;

Corporate financing and investment placing: We provide investment-placing services for companies that are interested in raising funds: both debt and equity. We select clients depending on the viability of their business, financial records.
We are able to reach out to a network of institutional lenders, capital market platforms and private equity investors in the areas of competency.
We are known to provide our clients with innovative corporate finance strategies to leverage assets and create financial resources to develop infrastructure projects. We specialize in infrastructure projects in emerging market economies with a specific focus on Gulf Cooperation Countries, Caucaus, Russia and ex CIS countries.
We apply a proven 4 phases approach to corporate financing that is designed to ensure transparency and efficiency.
To start the Assessment process please follow this link: CORPORATE FINANCE APPLICATION

Cost planning, Tax planning and management: Our clients, especially in Europe, they require our services to analyze their cost base in an attempt to develop some savings by applying the most updated fiscal legislation available. Given the understanding of several European tax legislations we are able to provide custom made solutions designed to minimize the tax burden for our clients.
We are only compensated based upon the results that we generate for our clients.

Investment management: By scanning a large number of jurisdictions for the most favorable investments and by developing and fostering relationships with banks in many parts of the world we are able to provide our clients with unique investment solutions using a large breadth of instruments:

  • Conservative but lucrative term deposit (TD) packages, for example: USD & EURO term deposits starting at 7% annual rate, exclusive to our clients;
  • Investment funds in the emerging markets.
  • Private equity investments in local ventures.
  • We help clients secure their investment and create a portfolio that matches their interest and capabilities.

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