Sectorial Research

Affinitas offers sectorial research in all geographies of competence: Persian/Arabian Gulf: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman Georgia Baltic Republics: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Clients have the ability to commission a specific sectorial research tailored to their needs. One of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss your research parameters and prepare a customised quotation meeting all your requirements.

    In alternative you can purchase some of the already available reports:
  • Report: Oil & Gas industry in the GCC (we have specific reports for each country if necessary);
  • Report: Food & Beverage in the UAE (United Arab Emirates);
  • Report: Pharmaceutical industry in the GCC;
  • Report: GCC Healthcare Industry;
  • Report: Trade and capital flows between GCC & India;
  • Report: Fertiliser industry in Georgia;
  • Report: Pharmaceutical industry in Georgia;

All reports include: industry economic indicators and statistics, specific projects in place and information about the main players in each of the industries with their contact information and information about specific projects inclusive of their size and suppliers involved.

All reports are available for $600 USD each.

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